Worldwide packet

Weltweites Paket

Whether it’s an urgent courier consignment, or a worldwide bulk consignment (brochures, catalogues, calendars) or consignments for which time plays no role – your assignment is safe in our hands. You determine within which runtime your consignment should arrive at the desired destination. 

Your advantage:

Digital networking of all partner stations worldwide enables us to have constant direct access to your consignment. The delivering courier can be ordered to remove all hints of the original consigner before he delivers it to your customer and add your delivery note to the consignment.


Your consignment must be redirected? Unexpectedly your customer has to attend a presentation and wants to show your goods there? We organise the reshipment, so that you receive your assignment. 


After calling us you can let your customer know the expected date of delivery.

Worldwide packet: +43 (0) 316 / 68 32 22 0

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