Contract logistics


Contract Logistics describes a business concept which is regulated by a contract. It operates on the basis of a long term work-sharing cooperation between a manufacturer or retailer of goods and a logistics service provider. 


Contract logistics service providers

Contract logistics service providers take over logistic and logistic associated tasks along the value chain. They form the connection between all participants of the value chain. Thus they are also called system service providers, a by-word for contract logistics service provider. Logistics service providers are fully integrated with the value chain system. 


Contract logistics

Contract logistics is often called the queen of logistics service provision. Currently it offers the highest potential sales volume with a growth of about 20 per cent. Freight forwarders and logistics companies which have specialised in business solutions for which they use their distribution centres and transport network are the winners in this market. 

Source: Wikipedia

From our point of view this is the subsequent advancement of our business activities. If required it would be a pleasure for us to develop an alternative solution to your present concept. 

Your advantage:

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